At you can choose your desired configuration and order directly. Simply create a customer account for an overview of all your orders.

After submitting your order, you will receive an order confirmation to your registered email address. Once approved, you will receive your invoice.

It is best to upload the data for your production directly afterwards. Our delivery times apply after receiving all correct data!

If a desired print product such as a poster in a special format or stickers is not listed in the configurator - don't worry! Simply add your special requests in the special request/info field, and you will receive a suitable offer for the product.

Please note that orders by phone are not possible.
Orders by email will incur a processing fee.

First, a note: Without a delivery permit, we are not allowed to ship sound carriers, this is mandatory. Please also note that your catalog number must be included in the documents, otherwise we cannot assign the forms.

Links to the required documents can be found in our specifications under Forms and Applications.

You can find help with GEMA at
If you have any questions, you can also reach GEMA by phone at +49 30 1200210-54.

The GEMA registration can also be done by MY45 for an additional fee. You can activate this option when placing your order.

Please note that we cannot answer questions about GEMA or other collecting societies. Please contact the societies directly.

When you commission a production, you must come up with a catalog number for it. This is used to uniquely identify all components of a production and prevent mix-ups. Later in trade, the catalog number is often used as an item number, and on Discogs, the catalog number is used to identify a sound carrier.

The catalog number can be up to 12 characters long and usually consists of an abbreviation of the label or band and a sequential number. For example, the label Munich Punk Shop uses the abbreviation MPS. The 32nd record on the label would then have the catalog number MPS032.

In order to create correct audio files for your vinyl production, please, follow the instructions in our audio specifications.

Here is the link to our specifications for all offered vinyl print products.

You can find an instruction on how to name correctly and upload your production data on our upload-site.