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7" Vinyl Pressing (Single)
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    In the 1st step your music is cut into lacquers or copper blanks (DMM). Usually, we do the mastercuts in our in-house mastering studio, but you can also provide lacquers, DMMs, or mothers from other cutting studios or pressing plants.
    Then we galvanize your mastercuts to get a nickel negative (stamper or matrix). These negatives are directly used for pressing without any further copying step (One-Step-Galvanics). We will store your stampers for 3 years after last pressing for represses and then recycle them.
    Please note our Audio Specifications.
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    Main Vinyl Design


    Color of Vinyl
    Marbled Effect
    First, all singles are pressed with a small centerhole of 7 mm diameter. Upon request we punch a big centerhole of 38 mm diameter. Please note the size of the centerhole, whem you design your labels. Have a close look at our different label specifications.
    All records -even single-sided ones- need labels on both sides. We offer invidually printed labels with or without Pantone colors, and plain white, black, red, gold, and silver labels. All labels are made of FSC certified paper and offset printed. Here You can find our Graphic Specifications.
    Paperbags and Softsleeves
    Hardcovers and Outersleeves
    Packaging and Extras
    At the of the orderprocess you have the opportunity to give us a note or special advices.