Here you can find our audio
and print specifications. For data upload,
please follow the instructions on our upload page.

Here you can find our audio
and print specifications. For data upload,
please follow the instructions on our upload page.

Here you can find our
audio and print specifications.
For data upload, please follow
the instructions on our upload page.


Audio Specifications


12" Label

12" Label

12" Discobags/Cover

12" Printed Inner Sleeve

12" Discobag (without Spine)

12" Cover with 3mm Spine

12" Cover with 4mm Spine

12" Cover with 5mm Spine

12" Cover with 7mm Spine

12" Gatefold

12" Einleger

12" Insert

7" Label

7" Label -
Small Centerhole

7" Label -
Big Centerhole

7" Discobags/Cover

7" Printed Inner Sleeve

7" Discobag (without Spine)

7" Cover with 3mm Spine

7" Einleger

7" Insert

7" Folder

Legal & Copyrights

Rights Declaration

Proxy for GEMA Application by MY45

GEMA Application for Dispatch Permission

GEMA Online Registration

List of International Collecting Societies


Please make sure to review our audio and
graphic specifications before uploading.


Please make sure to review our audio and
graphic specifications before uploading.



You can find technical specifications for the graphic design of the print products in the following information. All data sent to us should be intended for printing without further corrections and editing. Any delivery of non-specification files may delay the processing of your entire order and incur additional correction costs. Adhering to these production guidelines should ensure optimal results and simplify our collaboration.

Please note that data upload via our online data transfer is only possible after placing an order with your personal catalog number.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are looking for a product that is not listed here.


We assume that we receive graphic and audio data that meet our specifications.
We generally do not conduct a separate data check.​​​​​​​
If a separate data check is desired, it must be commissioned separately.​​​​​​​
If we notice errors that require intervention in the data, we will inform you.​​​​​​​

Normally, we receive flawless documents that meet the specifications.​​​​​​​
Upon receiving the data, we check for printability and compliance with the specifications or create printable documents.​​​​​​​
If it turns out during this process that problems need to be resolved to achieve the desired result, feedback will be provided, and there is an opportunity to address the solution yourself and provide new data or have us carry out the work (if possible). The additional time required will then be billed separately.​​​​​​​

For approval of printed covers, you will receive a screen PDF from us. Approval for all other print products is only available upon request.​​​​​​​

Multiple deliveries of print data unfortunately involve additional effort and costs, which can also delay your printing and delivery date.​​​​​​​

Printing is generally done using offset/industrial printing processes and adheres to the usual color tolerances according to European ISO standards.​​​​​​​

For security reasons, only copies of data carriers should be sent, not originals.


A printable PDF or JPG of your print data according to the current specifications
All fonts used in the document must be embedded or converted to outlines/paths
 All images used with a minimum resolution of: grayscale and color images: 300 dpi / line drawings: 1200 dpi
 Maximum total ink coverage: 300%
 Color profile: ISOcoated_v_eci.icc

• Color mode: CMYK or K only (black/white/grayscale)
 Spot colors (PANTONE) must be correctly defined in the color palette
Send labels for A and B sides in separate files
Always name files with catalog number/print product (e.g. ABC001_12inch_Label_SideA.pdf)

IMPORTANT: Print data to be delivered always include bleed (3mm/5mm) without additional white space all around and without crop, cut, or registration marks

PDF: Please create PDF files in the PDF/X-3:2002 standard.
JPEG: Please save with maximum quality and in CMYK mode.​​​​​​​
TIFF: Save TIFF image files without compression (LZW or similar).​​​​​​​
EPS: File encoding binary

The appropriate template for your specific print product can be found for download on our website.

We are happy to design or edit the artwork (labels, covers, inserts, etc.) for your vinyl or CD production.

You discuss your ideas and visions with our graphic designer, who will then implement them for a very fair price.
Whether the complete design is already available and the files just need to be formatted correctly, or if a cover is to be created from image elements (e.g. photos) according to your specifications, we can do it.

Of course, you can also design your own artwork. Below you will find important notes, specifications, and templates.
If you want to show that your records were pressed at MY45, feel free to incorporate one of our logo templates.
Contact us if you have any questions!

We accept data for editing from the following layout image editing software and graphic programs:

or print-ready PDF as Adobe® Acrobat PDF.

We work with the currently available Mac OSX program versions CS4 and Acrobat 9.


All stroke widths should not fall below a certain minimum size:

in positive print min. 0.10 mm
in negative print min. 0.15 mm


Font sizes should also not fall below a minimum size:

in positive print min. 4 pt​​​​​​​
in negative print min. 5 pt

If you have any questions, our graphic department will be happy to assist.


For all packaging that is to be printed in 4 colors, the files must be created in CMYK mode. RGB elements in a CMYK document will not be printed.


Print data from 2 channels of the CMYK color space. However, we can also print with Pantone colors.


To deliver a greyscale document (only the black channel is used) or another channel from the CMYK spectrum e.g. Yellow. Here too, we can print with Pantone colors.