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Vinnum Sabbathi – “Gravity Works”


Acclaimed Instrumental Doom/Stoner/Spaced Out Astronauts – Vinnum Sabbathi – return with their eagerly awaited debut album – Gravity Works. Vinnum Sabbathi have been releasing a string of acclaimed singles and EP’s over the years which has seen them become one of the genres best undiscovered bands. Vinnum Sabbathi play a progressive style of Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal with the concept being firmly set around the dark reaches of Space. Look, we all know that outer space is a vacuum that can suck you in and explode your skull. We all know it. Vinnum Sabbathi certainly know it. Especially, it would seem, on “Gravity Waves,” the centerpiece of their awaited five-song debut album, Gravity Works, which is out Jan. 3, 2017, via Aim Down Sight Records and LSDR Records.

The album feels like a training manual of sorts especially with the voiceover advising the listener with the many different elements and dangers of being in space. It’s an exciting way to create an album as Vinnum Sabbathi make you part of the journey from the very start. Opening track – Weightlessness – is a trippy and psychedelic tale with moments of heavy doom/stoner riffs as Vinnum Sabbathi creates haunting and original sounds of their own. Early Works – carries on with the instruction manual style voiceover. With the riffs being played at a slow distorted pace. This song has quite a cold and subtle doom and gloom approach as the song stays sombre throughout. It takes some time for the heavy moments to appear though that’s down to the overall concept of the album. Vinnum Sabbathi has done their homework as you’re experiencing an album that feels it’s steeped in both Science Fact and classic Science Fiction.

The album is first and foremost a Doom/Stoner Metal album and Vinnum Sabbathi never forget that fact as they create some stunning riffs that pay homage to legendary bands past and present. It may take you a few listens to fully understand and appreciate the album. As you can be distracted from the distorted sounds and voiceovers spliced throughout the album. The other tracks on the album – Gravity Waves, Loop Quantum Gravity and The Probe B – follow the same path as the opening two tracks but perhaps with more a ferocious style of Doom/Stoner sounds that sees Vinnum Sabbathi venture into heavier Sludge based grooves. The Probe B is the standout track on the album as Vinnum Sabbathi play the heaviest and fastest moments on the album. It’s a song that shows you the full power and creativity of Vinnum Sabbathi.

The production is superb as Vinnum Sabbathi build a cosmic wall of sound around you. If you’re new to the world of Vinnum Sabbathi then get with the program and download this now. Gravity Works is perhaps the first must have Doom/Stoner Metal album of the year. Don’t be too surprised if you see this album on a few best albums of lists come the end of the year. This is an unmissable album.

Review by Steve Howe and The Obelisk

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