Below we collected some of our latest productions.
If you haven’t seen your favorite record here, don’t worry, we will update this list from time to time.

K73 Basement Stories

Taking it back to the Golden Age Season (DOUBLE VINYL)

Artists: SPAX, AKD, Funky DL, David Scribbles, Uwe Kaa, J-Live, Taiga Trece, MIQ, BNC, Sunspot Jonz, Raashan Ahmad, Eramatics, Lobstarr, Caramelo, Cruso & Mic Jamain.

Release: 09.09.2016

Dem Juju Poets

Liberated Thoughts

David Hanke aka Renegades Of Jazz, brainchild behind Dem Juju Poets, keeps on with his distinctive Afro sound and delivers a great 45 in various styles. As the Renegades Of Jazz journey will take a step away from Afrofunk music, Dem Juju Poets will be now the main outfit for Hanke to release more Afro driven music in the future.

Release: 02.12.2016